Top 5 Hidden iPhone Monitoring Apps

Top 5 Hidden iPhone Monitoring Apps

List of Top 5 Hidden iPhone Monitoring Apps


The most common type of iPhone monitoring apps works undetectably as a hidden spy in order to track the device in its all the activities. In case of iPhones, the job is little risky, wherein Apple devices allow only trusted installation. Hence, it is important for the user to get a trustworthy hidden iPhone monitoring app that goes compatible with the device also.

List of Top 5 Hidden iPhone Monitoring Apps
List of Top 5 Hidden iPhone Monitoring Apps

What is the use of monitoring Apps?

It is there in the use to monitor iPhone device when your teenage son or daughter is using the device, any of your top-level employees are using the iPhone or you can watch your spouse, whether he or she is cheating, you back. All the cases come under not only suspicious but to the case of safety and security purpose also.

You can have full control on the applications installed in the device, messages that are sent & received (both text formats, multimedia, and online chats), track GPS locations and other social channels that are opened accounts in the target devices. In addition, you can have full track control of photos, videos and more.

Top 5 hidden iPhone monitoring Apps

Top 5 hidden iPhone monitoring Apps
Top 5 hidden iPhone monitoring Apps
  1. #1 XySpy

#1 XySpy
#1 XySpy

Among the all another iPhone-spying app, XySpy ranks lead in the list by which it took participant in the ‘Truth Spy Associates Program’. With thousands of business professionals’ and families’ faith all around the world, XySpy offer supreme features in terms of hidden iPhone device monitoring activity with no stress and tension.

  • Installation: You need to access the target device for physical installation of the app once professionally. The installation should be very professional, if not the task will go to spam/scam.
  • iPhone Interface: Once after installation, the program gets loaded directly onto the target device to monitor. It allows accessing the device only by you then.
  • Online control panel: The spy app allows you to login to the target device by logging in to the device, in which you can access from any web browser with an internet connection
  • LIVE control panel: Try using the premium version, in which you can have the live visibility of the target device’s live screen and location, can able to send commands in order to control the phone (if your children are using the device) and can be able to receive logs through emails.

By trying the premium version of XySpy, you just need to follow three steps to track and monitor the desired iPhone device completely undetectable and with no tension.

The features that XySpy offers you are:

  • GPS track location: The feature is said to be like a boon for the parents of teenage children. Parents can be able to monitor where their children are going & coming, and in which location they are currently. In this busy mechanical world, parents cannot travel with the children all the time wherein everyone runs behind the earning moments. This GPS track location helps not only the parents but also the sons & daughters of old age parents, guests to strange places, employees visiting clients’ place, a spouse going for fieldwork et al.
  • Track the phone activity: It is the top amongst all the features that a phone-spying app offers the target device. You can have held on the target device’s incoming & outgoing calls, time, duration, can able to take backup even if some logs are deleted manually, and can able to fetch the information of the caller’s et al.
  • SMS track: Apart from calls, people think smart to pass the information through messages. It could be text messages, multimedia messages or online chat messages through messengers. Whatever be it, XySpy helps you to track all set of messages (both sent & received), time and even deleted items.
  • Access messenger calls: People think that there is no possibility to track the records of instant messenger calls. However, with XySpy none can go behind the screen. With this XySpy app, you can monitor all social media app and its activities along with the content, time, the duration that includes Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber, Skype and more.
  • Phone calls recording: It is another feature that helps to record all the incoming & outgoing calls (even the deleted call logs can be taken back) recorded and you can take back up whenever you need.
  • Live surroundings: Apart from recording and monitoring the phone’s activities, you can listen and hear the sounds of the live place, where your children, spouse or employees are. In order to access this feature, you need to make a call (hidden) and can hear the conversation going on around the target device.
  • View multimedia access: Apart from tracking the phone, you can have monitoring control over the other files of the target device such as photos, videos, music files, audio files, GIF, movies et al. You can able to watch even the hidden and encrypted files. Once after every update with your access, you will be kept posted with an intimation message
  • Remote control on the target device: As we have discussed that all the access control is carried out through the online control panel, you are able to send commands and control the device from remote operation
  • Non-detectable: By installing XySpy in your target iPhone device, it is completely hidden to monitor the device and there is no tension or stress, which the device’s owner will come to know about it. The user will not able to know about the spying app installed on the device and you are free to monitor and track the device as well as the person.

Benefits of XySpy

It is quite common and thousands of times we have discussed that spying app is completely legal in terms of safety and security when you are a parent, heir of old age parents, executing big company & to monitor your top-level employees, and to the least reason is that spouse or partner who is under the suspicion of cheating.

The list of benefits that XySpy app offers are:

  • Complete parental control
  • Employee monitoring
  • Hold cheating partner
  • Phone security
  • 100% compatibility with all standard smartphone models
  • 24 hours of secured guidance
  • Time consumption (you need not sit like a watchdog to monitor, you can have your records back up)
  • You can monitor & track from anywhere


There are three standard packages: Standard costs $21.99, Premium costs $25.99 and Gold costs $30.99. You can choose the plan as per your need.

There are few other spying apps available in the market. They are:

  1. #2 TheTruthSpy

#2 TheTruthSpy
#2 TheTruthSpy


It costs $20.99 per month and it offers all set of premium features. There is no requirement to jailbreak to install the app on the target device and there is no need to install the supportive app on the target device. It is very easy to set and install.

You can have complete control on the target device: phone calls, messages, reminders, browser history, contacts, Whatsapp, App photos, App videos, Notes, calendars, voice memos and other installed applications.

  1. #3 SpyZee

#3 SpyZee
#3 SpyZee


Costing FREE, this super cool app has notable features to control your target device. You can have control on phone calls, messages, browser history, Application data, GPS data, Email data, photos, videos, multimedia files, and phone book et al. Apart from monitoring the device’s activity, you can also block – certain numbers, URLs and also can block addictive, data eating and time-consuming games.

  1. #4 FoneTracker

The app costs $49.97 for three months and it offers features of premium versions.

You can have the complete monitoring control on the phone’s activities. You can have track control on device’s applications, data, files, incoming & outgoing calls & messages.

Apart from accessing iPhone’s files and data, you can set keyword in order to run the software for the search base. You can also preset the area (remote control) in the device that helps children to go, come (fixed place allowed to go), and if when they go beyond the trespass limit, you will be notified with an alarm immediately.

There is no option for live call recording is the only missing feature with this app.

FoneTracker is one another hidden iPhone spying app that requires no jail breaking process. Alternatively, you need to have iPhone (Apple) ID and password (can say literally that you need to access the device physically to install the spying app) associated with iCloud backups.

When the device is not configured with iCloud backups, you will face trouble handling the online control panel in which you need to do define program to work remote.

  1. #5 FreePhoneSpy

This app costs FREE, which is exclusively for only iPhone devices. You can monitor iPhone devices and other smartphones in just a few clicks to install (physical access to the target device) and execute the access. You are allowed to access the device’s full data and files of the device from remote access through the control panel.

Apart from other data accessing, this app allows live call recording, spying online chats, VoIP apps, and cameras et al.


In principle terms, jail breaking is the process of privileage escalation for the process of removing device’s inbuilt software restrictions imposed on hi-tech phone devices, say for iPhone, Apple, and iOS devices. It is basically for the device’s safety and security.

In order to install any set of hidden spying software or any app in such devices, few softwares require jail breaking process. Wherein, XySpy app does not require any sort of jail breaking process. It could be the new news for the users for those who try spying out either their spouses or any one but for legal use. Few think that the process of jailbreaking might disturb the phone’s system and others think it could be a complicated one.

Is jaillbreaking important?

Out of the other iPhone devices, Apple tends to make more complicated system in order to protect their devices from common hacking and spying. Hence, the program is set to be done jail breaking for spy programs.

Hence, it becomes must for accessing the device physically first time when you need to install the spy app in your target device. Apart from jail breaking the device, you also need to check for the device’s compatibility that the software has to support the phone’s operating system.

You mush keep in mind that Apple iPhones update their OS regulary in a periodic time, in the way to be unique among its competitors. In addition, I have noticed that whenever Apple is updating its operating system, most of the other companies start developing new jail break for that specific system to update the spy software accordingly. Seem funny, never at al. It is the technical tactic that is in the technological world.

Other iPhone Monitoring Apps

Other iPhone Monitoring Apps
Other iPhone Monitoring Apps

Apart from the list that we have discussed above, there are few other spying apps in the market. They are:

  • iSpyoo
  • Mobi Stealth iPhone Spy (no jailbreak version)
  • Highster Mobile
  • Mobile Spy
  • FlexiSpy
  • Phone Sheriff

In common, apart from other discussed features, the phone-spying app helps to monitor:

  • Web activities
  • Application blocking
  • Photo logs
  • Live GPS mapping
  • GPS location log
  • SMS commands
  • Live Screenshots

All the above spying apps come with premium features wherein they differ between few salient features and in prices. However, it is advisable to go for the premium version and priced pack for safety and standability.

Moreover, you could see few free spy softwares available in the market, however they will match on only very few basic features. In order to make use of the technology legally and purposefully, it is advisable to go for priced pack.

Review: Top 5 Hidden iPhone Monitoring Apps
  • #1 XySpy
  • #2 TheTruthSpy
  • #3 SpyZee
  • #4 FoneTracker
  • #5 FreePhoneSpy
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