The Best 10 Spy Call Recorder for Android and iPhone

Get The Best 10 Spy Call Recorder for Android and iPhone

Spying is an act that enables to inspect someone’s evil actions and activities. The recorder has shifted the spying ways completely. People use the recorder to record a conversation between a couple of people. With the most recent technological trends, folks want to record voice call of their target person to know what he/she’s hiding from you. This is possible due to spy recorder that lets the user to capture voice telephone . Now, spying someone is easy as creating a coffee. On the internet, there are tons of tools available that allow the user to spy target apparatus voice call. You may read this article carefully to know about a very best call recorder program for Android and iOS apparatus.

Get The Best 10 Spy Call Recorder for Android and iPhone
Get The Best 10 Spy Call Recorder for Android and iPhone

– Part 1. The Best 5 Spy Call Recorder for Android
– Part 2. The Best 5 Spy Call Recorder Apps for iPhone

Part 1. The Best 5 Spy Call Recorder for Android

Part 1. The Best 5 Spy Call Recorder for Android
Part 1. The Best 5 Spy Call Recorder for Android

With the dawn of technology and invention, there are tons of spy recorder apps available for Android devices. Here below, you’ll get the listing of best 5 voice call recorder apps that are particularly designed for Android.

1: PhoneSpying

PhoneSpying is all-purpose spy recorder program which helps you in protecting children and handling business. Together with PhoneSpying, you can manage each and every action that is performed by target device user. It is easy yet powerful tool with lots of of features. There are a few unique features available that makes it better than many others. An individual can remotely capture voice telephone with PhoneSpying readily. You merely have to set up PhoneSpying program on the target Android device to get audio telephone recording feature.


– PhoneSpying is coded using some exceptional set of an algorithm that allows the user to record voice telephone remotely without them understanding.
– This can be voice call recorder program cum parental management tool, you can easily track your child’s apparatus messages in a single click.
– The procedure for spying target Android apparatus is quite straightforward and quicker as compared to other programs.


– There is very limited support can be obtained for a device running on BlackBerry, Nokia, iOS and many others.


– The amount of PhoneSpying starts from $8.33 a month.


– It is fully compatible with Android device running on Android 4.0 or higher up to 8.1.

2: The Truth Spy

This is another spy call recorder program that is designed for the two Android and iOS operating system. Getting participating with The Truth Spy, you can record live voice call. The live call recording feature of this instrument is far better than others. In addition, in The Truth Spy, you will discover nearby listening feature also unlike other programs. With nearby recording, you can listen what is happening around target device.


– Live phone recording feature of The Truth Spy is very fast and quiet. It works in the background and document each and every action performed on it.
– Unlike most of the leading tools for Android, there’s not any requirement to root your device to utilize The Truth Spy.
– Spying on Whatsapp messages and media file that is connected to the dialog.


– The support is limited to Windows, Mac, and a few non jailbroken iOS apparatus.


– The price of the truth Spy is begins from $21.99 per month for the Standard version.


– It is compatible with Android version 2.2 around 7.0 (Nougat).

3: XySpy

XySpy is among the very best spy recorder app that is specifically created for call recording purposes. There are tons of features offered in this tool that is really valuable for parents to know what their children are doing in their device. This is great for you if You’re living


It’s excellent for you if you believe that your kid is communicating with the wrong person.
– surrounding recording is the fundamental characteristic of this tool. You’re able to remotely listen what happening around target Android apparatus.


– The free trial version is only available for 48 hours.


– Pricing of XySpy is adequate, you can avail 1 month of subscription at $29.99.


– The device has to be running on Android version 2.2 up to 6.0.

4: FlexiSpy

FlexySpy is very beneficial application when it comes to spying on a voice telephone. This instrument has the capability to capture voice telephone of the target device. This is mainly created for parents and company owner to keep current with the target device. In FlexiSpy, you will find some helpful characteristics that are simple and simpler to use.


– FlexiSpy has telephone interception characteristics that allow the user to listen what goal individual is talking on a telephone.
– The practice of telephone recording is totally secret. The app work on the rear of target device silently.


– The price of FlexiSpy is higher as compared to other tools on the internet.


– There are two version available Premium and Extreme variant. On the other hand, Extreme version cost is$349 per year.


– Flexispy requires Android version 4.0.3 around 7.1.1.

5: Copy9

Copy9 is top spy call recorder app cum tracking tool that is made for iPhone and Android apparatus. This tool works entirely in stealth mode, unlike many other spying programs. With Copy9, you can even get Whatsapp messages, read SMS, telling alert, and many other things.


– The Copy9 have the ability to record both incoming and outgoing voice calls. You merely need to set up this application on the goal Android apparatus.
– you could also get immediate messaging programs with Copy9 for example Whatsapp, Viber, Facebook messenger, and lots of others.


– This spying program is only compatible with some specific Android variant.


– Copy9 price starts at $21.6 and extends up to $184.8.

Compatible Android Version:

– The target device has to be running on Android 4.x or greater to run this program.

Part 2. The Best 5 Spy Call Recorder Apps for iPhone

In the event of iPhone, there are limited software available that allow the user to spy calls. But still, we locate some great programs which are best for you. These apps are well tested before writing this report.

1: SpyEra

Spyera is well known spying programs available on the web. Live iPhone call recording is the fundamental feature of this program that makes it better than others. Together with Spyera, you can even save the telephone recording to listen whenever you’re free.


– One can record voice call in single photo, unlike most other spying tools.
– The nearby recording can be supported by Spyera.
– You can even remotely track real-time location of the target device with no noise.


– The cost of this tool is quite pricey, contrary to other tools.
– There is a need of jailbreak to use this program.


– Price starts from $189 for 3 weeks.


– It encourage iOS version up to 10.2.


This is parental control and monitoring tool that is coded for Android and iOS apparatus. It’s the simplest way to keep eye and ear on your child and worker activities and actions. There are couples of advanced spying attributes available that are effective and easy to use. You merely have to create free account to use this program.


– It’s easiest and convenient way to be certain your kids aren’t communicating with the wrong individual.
– There is a feature of 24 x 7 instant alerts when you kids type certain words.


– It isn’t available for Windows and Mac computers.


– The cost starts from $12.49 per month.


– It is fully compatible with an iOS device running on iOS version 6.x up to 11.2.6.

3: Mobistealth

Mobistealth is parental control tool which enables parents to guard their children from harmful threats. You will discover lots of attributes in MobiStealth that assist you in spying. It’s available for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac computers.


– One can easily capture voice telephone while on a call .
– Monitor browser history and activities with this tool.


– it is fairly expensive when compared with others.


– Price starts from $40 per month.


– It can be used with all iPhone apparatus running on iOS version 9.0or higher.

4: Spy Phone App

Spy Phone Program is a spy software recorder app that is equipped with a great deal of features. You will find several best in class features that assist you in spying.


– It is very easy to spy call logs of target device without them understanding.
– You can even spy on the surround sound of the target device.
– There are a huge number of features available.


– The user interface isn’t so good.


– It’s offered at free of charge.


– It is fully compatible with devices running on iOS 6.x around 9.0.2.

5: 9SpyApps

Engaging with this strong spying program, you can capture voice calls silently. This app is designed for both Android and iOS operating system. This is great for you if you’re a parent and want to keep eye on kids.


– The trial edition of the application is available at free of charge.
– One can capture voice telephone remotely with a single click.


– It is not simple to use, contrary to other programs.


– Price of 9 Spy App is started from $15.


– Available for many iOS apparatus running on iOS 6 to iOS 9.



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