Top 10 Free Phone Tracker for Android and iPhone

The Best 10 Free Phone Tracker for Android and iPhone

In the present era, losing the cell phone is one of the scariest experiences. Mobile phone works as a daily driver in own day to day life. It contains personal info, images, videos, and other significant credential details. Fortunately, there are some programs are available on the internet that helps us to locate our lost cell phone. As we are aware that prevention is far better than cure, setting up phone tracker beforehand is really helpful to recover your lost phone. So here in this informative article, we’ll discuss top 10 free phone tracker apps for both the Android and iOS operating system.

The Best 10 Free Phone Tracker for Android and iPhone
The Best 10 Free Phone Tracker for Android and iPhone

– Part 1: Top 5 Free Phone Tracker for Android
– Part 2: Top 5 Free Phone Tracker for iPhone

Part 1: Top 5 Free Phone Tracker for Android

Part 1: Top 5 Free Phone Tracker for Android
Part 1: Top 5 Free Phone Tracker for Android

1. XySpy

XySpy is a tracking and spy program for both Android and iOS apparatus. This highly effective monitoring tool is coded using an advanced algorithm which makes it better than other. As a parent, you can use XySpy to monitor the real-time location of your child, accessibility phone content such as phone history, contacts, pictures and videos, along with other programs.


There’s no special skill is required to use this app. Just, install it on the target device and sign in with your account detail.
It works silently in the background and the target won’t even know he has been monitored.
It’s possible to track the real time positioning of target device remotely.
It works on leading operating system such as Android and iOS.

Download XySpy App at:

2. Find My Phone from Google

Find My Phone is a free mobile tracker program created by Google Inc.. It is equipped with a lot of features that enable the user to find device within a certain distance. Engaging with Find My Phone, you can remotely find your phone and perform a variety of operations like Ring, Remotely erase data and much more.


Find My Phone is available for Android devices at free of charge.
It is powered by three manners like Erase Mode, Lost Mode, and Ring Mode.
If the lost device is switched off or not on the world wide web, it will show the last location of the missing device.


Not available for iOS and yet another operating system.
Simply work on Android version 4.0 (Ice cream sandwich) or higher.

3. Family Locator

The family Locator is a free phone tracker app from Life360. This app lets you locate your family members on the map. Family Locator can be obtained for Android, iOS, and Blackberry OS with a few unique features.


Family Locator allows you to produce your own family, friend, and mates circle at the program at no cost.
Find real time location of your relative, friend or others.



Only works in Android 4.0.3 or greater versions.
The app comprises in-app purchases.

4. Cerberus Anti Theft

Cerberus Anti Theft is a place tracking service by LSDroid. It is the perfect solution for an issue like to recognize the theft and find your device in a single go. You are able to get your device via the website if you lose your device.


Unlike other programs, you’ll receive notification alert whenever your phone leaves the specified place on the map.
Remote control via text SMS from a different smartphone.


Not fully free, it includes in-app purchase.
Problem while uninstalling this program.
Cerberus remains not fully compatible with Android Oreo.

5. Prey Anti Theft

Prey anti-theft is all in one locator monitoring tool from Prey Incorporation. This app is mainly created for location monitoring functions. It lightweight allows it to work smoothly on any device with no hang or lag.


Getting participating with this, you will find and locate your phone easily.
It captures snap silently and sends it to your email address.



Limited Free account.
No option for remote wipe.

Part 2. Top 5 Free Phone Tracker for iPhone

1. Locate My iPhone

Find My iPhone is a free phone tracker program for iOS devices. This app comes with iOS OS bundle by Apple Inc.. You just need to open an iCloud official site and then fill login detail to keep track of your device location.


It’s possible to track the real-time location of this device remotely.
Like Find My Phone from Google, it is also outfitted with three manners Lost manner, Erase Mode, and Perform a sound.


You can not set geofencing to get notification alert.
It’s simply supported by iOS apparatus running on iOS version 8.0 or higher.

2. Glympse

With Glympse, you can easily share your real-time location with the help of GPS tracking. There no need to register for the program only simply install and navigate location. An individual can also cause a group to constantly in contact with your family members, friends, and coworkers.


There is no sign up is required to use this program.
It’s not hard and fast.
You can share real-time location.


Battery Drain.
Sophisticated User Interface.

3. GPS Tracker

GPS tracker is an iPhone tracking application that helps the user to discover a missing device. You might even use this tool to monitor the real-time location of your kid, friend, or relative. It’s equipped with GPS functionality and mapping.


You are able to easily find past 12-hour location history.
An individual can locate their relatives, friends, or kids.
Locate lost and stolen phone in one click.


Require a lot of battery.
It only works using a device running on iOS 8.0 or greater versions.

4. LocaToWeb

LocaToWeb is an iPhone place tracking app that is powered by lots of powerful capabilities. Engaging with this program, you can track duration, rate, distance, and duration of the cell phone. You may download it from Apple store at affordable prices.


It is possible to monitor your friends or a different gadget.
You can share the real time location of the target device.
There’s not any registration is needed to access.


It is not free to download, you have to pay $2.49.

5. GPS location tracker FollowMee

GPS place tracker is free phone tracker app by FollowMee. This tool permits you to monitor the real-time location of your device when it’s on the web. It will always work in the background of device silently.


You can monitor the location.
With geofencing, you’ll find the notification as soon as your apparatus leaves the specified area on the map.
It now also compatible with iPhone X.
SOS panic mode.


GPS place tracker isn’t compatible with Android and Blackberry OS.
Consume lots of battery.



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